Most of us want to have some change in our lives.  It might be a better relationship with your spouse or kids, a different dress size, more money in the bank, less stress in our jobs or more time for family fun.

We often blame outside forces for our lack of movement towards those goals.  “He doesn’t talk to me”, “the gym is too far away”, “groceries are so expensive”, “my boss is a jerk” or “the kids only want to play video games”.

Your mindset, how you approach things, and how you respond to events and people can stand in the way of these goals more than anything else.

  • What is your ability to be open to coaching, direction and new ideas?

  • Are you willing to try something a different way?

  • Will you take responsibility for your actions and your results?

In his book The Success Principles Jack Canfield, Personal Development Leader and co-author of the Chicken Soup for the Soul book series shares the following formula,

E + R = O or

Event + Response = Outcome

Simply stated, the Outcomes you are getting are a direct result of your Response to the Events in your life.  You can’t change the events.  They happen with no help from us at all.  But we can change our response to those events.

Another way that you can look at it is if you are not getting the outcomes you want, change your response to the events.  Canfield states that you are 100% responsible for what you bring into your life.  Whether you believe that or not, if you work from the premise that the results you get are highly impacted by your response to any life event, then you really do have the power to create the life you want.

Just begin to try it … play with it a bit and see what happens.

  • Next time your spouse tells you about something that tends to irritate you, get curious instead of irritated.  Ask your spouse open ended questions like how did that work? How did you feel? What has been the result?

  • When you are going grocery shopping, make a list and a meal plan to reduce your costs and make soup or a casserole from leftovers for another meal.

Taking action, being curious and noticing your responses can help you begin to see different outcomes.

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