Are you an Adventurer?

gears brainOver the past weeks, we have explored the Entrepreneurial Power Personas as revealed in the Special Report, The One Percent Secret: What 99% of Entrepreneurs Don’t Know About Why Their Business Isn’t Working.

Your Entrepreneurial Power Persona reveals how you live and interact in the world as an entrepreneur. It speaks to unconscious attitudes, beliefs and behaviours that guide the choices you make each and every day.

In this final edition, you will learn about the fifth Persona. I invite you to consider all of them and to recognize which ones resonate the most with you and what you want to do about minimizing the challenges and leveraging the benefits.

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Entrepreneurial Power Persona #5

The Adventurer

AdventurerAs the Adventurer, you love the excitement and challenge of running a business. You tend to live in the moment and are less attached to the outcomes of your business.

You march to your own drum, relying on your instincts more than data or advice to make decisions. You want to be noticed and liked. You want to have fun, have an impact and get paid for what you are good at and what you enjoy.

Benefits of the Adventurer

Adventurer, you are more courageous in taking financial and business risks. You will often be successful as much because you are willing to take the risk as anything else. You are likely confident to juggle several projects and you know how to make things fun and interesting for your clients and followers. You are not easily defeated and you expect to land on your feet, so you usually do.  But there’s an unintended price.

Realities for the Adventurer

The reality is, Adventurer, you often spread yourself too thin, taking on too many projects or expecting them to be complete in unrealistic timeframes. You probably look for shortcuts to success. You can be impulsive, getting caught up in the excitement of a new project and you may dive in without all of the important information or a plan. You have probably been sucked into buying on impulse and you have likely bought something you didn’t want or need in the excitement of the moment.

You tend to overuse credit to fund projects, confident that the money will come in, despite working from an incomplete or non-existent plan. You likely either carry more debt than is comfortable or you have in the past and have sworn off of it. You tend to ignore the details, letting bills and work pile up, forgetting to invoice clients and not paying attention to the cash flow in your business.

The Adventurer might say things like:

“It seemed like a good idea at the time”

“I know it will work out””

“I am excited – let’s go!”

“I don’t know how that happened”

As an Adventurer, your greatest assets are courage, multi-tasking and focus on fun. They keep you engaged and are a big reason why people do business with you.  But if your self-destructive tendencies of taking too much on, use of credit and ignoring details are not managed properly your business will not succeed. Coming up … another way to do it.

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