Your Money Life in Order!


In the last few weeks we have talked about Creating Your Money Spot and Scheduling Your Money Day.

Now you are getting organized!

Have you taken action? Have you been holding your Money Mondays or Financial Fridays? If so, you will see that the paperwork is

basketsstarting to pile up in that third basket. You might also have a pile of paperwork from before that is sitting on the floor, jammed in a drawer  or piled up on your desk. Let’s get it gone!

Job #3 – Set up Your Money Files

I suspect you already have some files set up for your money life. You have an accordion file, a filing cabinet or box that is intended to keep it all organized. You set up your file system and then life expanded – you bought a house, had kids, got involved in activities, bought insurance and so on. Your file system probably hasn’t kept up so now filing your money stuff just doesn’t happen.

Reorganizing your file system might seem like a pain, but being able to file stuff easily and quickly and knowing where your stuff is will trump any short-term irritation. So – how big is your pile? Ready to get it sorted out?

Steps to take action to organize your Money Files:

 1. Gather 25 hanging files and 50 file folders. You may have these in your house. If not, go to the office supply place and buy fresh.

2. Print off My Money Files to use as a guide.

3. Print or hand write your Hanging File Labels. The list has 19, but you may need more than one hanging file for some categories like Tax Returns.

4. Print or hand write your File Folder Labels. You will need several file folders for most categories. 

Once you have your hanging files and file folders all set up, you can transfer any currently filed papers into the appropriate folder. Don’t forget to separate out the different providers or family members. This may seem like a bit of overkill right now, but when you go looking for that one piece of paper you will be very happy to find it quickly and easily.

Next, go through your stack of unfiled papers and divide them into the Hanging File categories. This makes it easy to find the right file folder and you can get caught up quickly.

Whew! You did it! Your papers are all neatly filed and you have a killer system set up. It will be super easy for you to stay on top of your filing now. You can file a few papers every Money Day Meeting, or do it once per month. You will only have 15 or 20 papers to file instead of that eight-inch stack that is so daunting. Easy-peasy.

In the last few weeks you have set up three systems will completely organize your household Money Life. Way to go! You will know where your documents are when they come in and long after you deal with them. Notice the sense of peace and order that develops as you use these systems.



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