It is mid-December and you have been rocking the malls.  The funds are running thin, and you still have some people on your list.  Here are 3 ways to give awesome gifts without blowing the budget.


1.  Make something fun and creative

There are so many easy, fun and creative gifts you can make and give at a really reasonable price.  Make up some vanilla extract and vanilla  sugar and gift them in pretty bottles from the dollar store.

Use an old mayonnaise jar to create one of these fab gifts in a jar from Kerry at  I love this one for a 5-6 year old.

Put together a themed gift basket for a cook, baker, gardener or beach-traveller.

2.  Re-gift something really great

The art of re-gifting is all in the quality of the re-gift.  Be upfront that it is a re-gift, and make it really good.  Instead of one new book, give a stack of 8 great books from your shelf. Skip a store bought gift for a re-gift of an out-grown pair of skis, snowboard or skates.   One of the best re-gifts I ever got was a hand-me-down La-z-boy chair – way more than I normally would have received, and it cost the giver nothing.  Yipee!

3. Create an Experience

Put together some simple items and an invitation to an experience.

Family Cheesy Movie night. Pick up a few old cheesy movies from the bargain bin or your collection and package it up with popcorn, jellybeans and a cozy blanket to make a family fun night in a box.

Nuit Romantique. Use a pretty box to wrap up nice candles, a bottle of wine, some chocolate, scented massage oil and commitment from the grandparents to babysit.

To create an experience, think about what you would like to do with the person you are gifting to and make a commitment to and a representation of spending that time together.

Be creative and think outside of the box-store. There are a ton of great ideas online that are simple and inexpensive.  Think about what would be fun and interesting for you to give and for them to receive.  Enjoy!

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