So – we want to build a shed.  We live in the woods about 25 minutes outside of Barrie in Central Ontario.  We heat our house for a lot of the winter with wood, so we have a wood splitter and a big wood shed.  It would take forever with just an axe!  We also have an ATV to haul the logs out of the woods, and to plow the snow in the winter.

Build a shed one dollar at a timeWe would like to have more space in the garage this winter, so we need somewhere to put this stuff.  The shed has to be big enough for the stuff, and we don’t want it to cost an arm and a leg.  Time to get creative.

My wonderful husband Kevin and I approach these projects with an open mind and an intention to come up with ways to be creative.  Our goals are to reuse and recycle materials where we can, and to find creative ways to keep the cost down.  Here are some of the things we did to stick to these goals.

  1. Kevin will build the shed, so no need to pay for labour. (Yeah Kevin!)

  2. He planned the shed to be 98 sq ft so it was under the 107 sq ft limit so we don’t have to pay for a building permit.

  3. Kevin checked out some wood bundles at RONA and checked in at Habitat for Humanity’s Restore to see if there was anything useable.

  4. We reused some railway ties that we had leftover from another project for the base.

  5. Kevin talked to the neighbours about some wood they had sitting on their property.  They didn’t want it, so he salvaged seven 2”x10”s, a few 2”x4”s, and two 4’x8’ plywood sheets.

  6. We cashed in some of our credit card points for RONA gift cards and used our 10% Chamber of Commerce discount.

  7. We considered what we had in the house that we didn’t need and sold our daughter’s old bed and two dog crates on for cash to pay for shingles.

  8. My dad shared the wood preserver paint he had in his garage – no need to buy a whole new one.

  9. Kevin bought 10’ boards for the walls, and will cut some of them on my Dad’s table saw to make the battens for board and batten siding.

  10. We will make the barn doors instead of buying them pre-made.

Creativity and flexibility and some elbow grease and we are well on our way to a shed for our stuff.  It will cost us way less than it would to buy one or have someone else build it.

Maybe you are not in need of a shed or building on that scale isn’t your thing, but you probably have some other project in mind.  What would you like to work on?  How can you reuse and recycle materials and add some elbow grease to get what you want with less money, more satisfaction and more fun?

I’d love to hear your stories of how you creatively completed your projects.  Comment on the blog below.

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