Looking for some ways to enjoy the summer without breaking the bank?    Here are ten simple and fun things to do.

Picnic1.     Play in the water

If you have a pool, enjoy it!  Otherwise, check out your local public pool, or a nearby pond, lake or river.  None of that close by?  Break out the sprinkler, and a dollar-store pack of balloons and have a water balloon extravaganza.

2.     Picnic in the park

Make up some sandwiches, veggie sticks and watermelon smiles and head to the park, or the backyard. Whether you are running around with the kids or snuggled up with your honey, a picnic is simple outdoor fun.

3.     Go to the Movies

Need to escape from the heat? Grab a matinee for less, and skip the snack counter.  Look online for discounts, or buy tickets at Costco at a discount.

4.     Grow Stuff

Whether it is a garden in your yard, a community plot, or a container on the balcony, growing stuff is satisfying and yummy.  Try herbs for your salad, cherry tomatoes or radishes.

5.     Go bowling

Grab a gang together and head to the bowling alley.  Beat the heat, laugh a lot and enjoy a inexpensive evening out if you keep the snack bar to a minimum.

6.     Throw a BYOB + BYOM Party

This variation on a potluck is great fun.  Make two or three salads and buy a bag of buns.  Invite your peeps to come to play.  They will BYO Booze as usual, and also have them BYO Meat.  Set up the BBQs (borrow a second one from a friend if possible).  You get to play host, and everyone gets the protein of their choice, spreading the cost out over the group.

7.     Go to a free festival

There are festivals all over the country all summer long.  Check out online listings, and your local paper.  Bring your water bottle and a snack to avoid the cost and line-ups at the vendors.

Check out: http://exclaim.ca/Upcoming/Festivals, http://festivalstoronto.com/

8.     Volunteer

Choose a local charitable event that you would really love to go to and volunteer to help at it.  You get to participate in the event, and give back to the community.

9.     Have a backyard drive-in

Bring the TV outside, or borrow a projector from the library to connect to your computer.  Set up the blankets and pillows and make a huge bowl of popcorn for a fun night in your backyard drive-in.

10. Couch Surf

logo-smallTake a trip, or check out a new neighbourhood in your city with www.couchsurfing.org.  This service connects you with people who will host you for a day or two in their home for free.

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