I know! It has been ages since I wrote. It took my community poking me to get me writing again. Thanks guys! It’s good to know my ideas are missed when I go quiet.

With that in mind, I am going to share something fun and cool that I learned last weekend. I was running a focus group. I am creating a super cool new assessment tool to measure where you are on the Prosperity Curve™ based on your money programming, beliefs and habits. (Can’t wait!!)

I asked a whole bunch of questions of the group and towards the end, I wanted to find out what thoughts, images and feelings have associated with actual money tools. So, I handed out a $50 bill and a credit card and was gathering the data.Canadian Dollar Tower

I realized as I was talking about it and holding the $50 bill, that cash, especially the bigger denominations, for me screams “FREE MONEY!” (with a big Woot Woot! In there too.)

Now, I already tended to avoid cash, however, I didn’t realize that the feeling was so strong, and so specific to play and woot woot! We call that an anchor the feeling of the Woot! Is anchored to the bill so when I hold it, I got the feeling and the behaviour attached to that feeling.

I used a very simple process that I use with my clients to shift from free money/woot to a feeling of confidence, motivation and the flexibility of choice. It took me about 90 sec to change it and cash is now much easier to handle responsibility. (You didn’t think I was perfect did you? Ha! I am human too.)

I had the best opportunity to test it out. I hardly ever take cash from client (know thyself, right?) This week, a client gave me $1320 in cash – pretty brown ones! It was so easy to drive straight to the bank and deposit the money. Whoop! I love when change is so easy!

How would things change for you if you knew what was creating the problem behaviour in your world? Click here chat with me – find out what anchors you have.

Remember most money problems have nothing to do with money! Prosperity is an Inner Game. #ProsperousLife

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