Your Entrepreneurial Power Persona reveals your go-to approach to business, relationships, gears brainmoney and life. Understanding your strongest Personas will help you recognize your unconscious attitudes and patterns. These Patterns and Attitudes are driving the behaviour that helps you be successful and the behaviour that causes you trouble.

Your Entrepreneurial Power Persona reveals how you live and interact in the world as an entrepreneur. It speaks to unconscious attitudes, beliefs and behaviours that guide the choices you make each and every day.

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Entrepreneurial Power Persona #2

The Guardian

calendarAs a Guardian, you are a cautious and conservative business owner. You likely started your business while maintaining a day job or you had sizable savings to support you. You have high expectations of yourself but you worry that you won’t be able to live up to them. Your risk tolerance is low. You seek security and tend to be a saver. You don’t like to make mistakes and will tend to observe until you are comfortable rather than jump in. 

Benefits of The Guardian

When things are going well, Guardian, you are alert, careful, prudent and on the ball with your business and your finances. You probably like to plan things out and are good at following your plan. You generally live within your means or borrow cautiously. You put a lot of thought into financial decisions and tend to lean heavily on the advice of people you believe are experts. Although you do tend to worry.  As long as you can see progress and have a security net, you will move forward with your plans. Until you hit a roadblock.

Realities for the Guardian

Guardian, you can get caught up in what hasn’t worked instead of what has. You are more fearful of risk and will look for guarantees. You may miss business and revenue opportunities because you hesitate to take a chance on something. If worry and fear get too much, it can freeze you into complete inaction, shutting down revenue streams and projects in their tracks.

When things are tough, Guardian, you may get very concerned and even obsessive about tracking every penny. Or, you may go into complete denial, burying your head in the sand and ignoring everything. When the worry gets too much you find being flexible with your plans almost impossible and may not heed advice. If you are in debt, you tend to clear it as fast as possible even if it means using money you need for home or business.

The Guardian might say things like:

“My worry holds it all together”

“I feel secure and safe”

“If take that risk, what will happen”

“I feel too scared to make a decision”

As a Guardian, your greatest assets are prudence, financial stability and planning. They give you confidence and security.  But if your negative tendencies of worry, inflexibility and fear of risk are not managed properly your business will not succeed.

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