gears brainSo, here is my disclaimer: You are probably more than one of these Personas. We all have a piece of each Entrepreneurial Power Persona in us. Typically my clients will tell me that they are mainly a combination of two with some of the elements of the others.

Your Entrepreneurial Power Persona reveals your go-to approach to business, relationships, money and life. Your Entrepreneurial Power Persona reveals how you live and interact in the world as an entrepreneur. It speaks to unconscious attitudes, beliefs and behaviours that guide the choices you make each and every day.

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Entrepreneurial Power Persona #3

The Mogul

Office meeting deskAs The Mogul, you like to be the boss. You love the sport of business and you play to win. Running your own company is a relief because you get to call the shots, set the rules and make the decisions. You like people with skill and you don’t suffer fools gladly. You tend to be logical and methodical and you like to work from a plan. You are likely to be more conservative in regards to risk, but those you do take are often successful.

 Benefits of The Mogul

Mogul, you shine when you set your mind to a project. You are highly effective and appreciate your own skill level and value skill in others. You will seek out advice and if it meshes with yours, you will take it into account. You carefully research opportunities and you most often make decisions based on data and metrics, although this sometimes leaves you in the dark if you don’t have all of the data, or the decision requires more instinct or perception. You are probably interested in investments whether you have any or not.

Realities for the Mogul

The challenge, Mogul, is that you live by data. You love it and are either meticulous in maintaining it, or you want to be but just aren’t. Either way you can get too focused on the viability of the data instead of what it can do for you (the ‘can’t see the forest for the trees’ scenario). You may be shortsighted towards the day-to-day numbers instead of using them as a tool and guide for bigger picture decisions. You probably pay the bills on time, but you will hesitate to invest in a something important to support your big vision. Why is that?

Generally, you would rather make the wrong decision than have someone else tell you what to do. When you feel out of control, you will either unintentionally stomp on people’s ideas, if they don’t fit your idea of how things should go, or you shut down, saying nothing. Either approach impacts business and personal relationships and your own peace of mind.

 The Mogul might say things like:

“It is better to be organized than creative”

“I can’t make a decision without all of the data”

“The numbers say it is a good project”

As a Mogul, your greatest assets are confidence, logic and skill. They give you structure and control.  But if your poor tendencies of shortsightedness, stubbornness and risk-aversion are not managed properly your business will not succeed.

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Your purpose in reading this section is not to say “I am this but not that” or “that one is good and another is bad”. It is actually to look for what you don’t know that you don’t know. I am going to introduce some things I guarantee you haven’t thought about before. Your purpose is to begin to identify some very powerful things inside yourself as an entrepreneur that are both serving your business and hindering it at the same time.


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