They say the best things in life are free.  Joy, kindness, and laughter are three wonderful and free things that can be shared easily.

karen at #freehugsbarrieSeveral years ago I was mesmerized by this video of Free Hugs in Italy. I know the value of being hugged – touch is a critical element to our well-being.  I loved the idea and knew it was something I wanted to do.

This weekend at the massive annual Kempenfest Arts and Crafts fair here in Barrie, Ontario, I got my chance.

Ten of us invited thousands of people to have a Free Hug as they moved through the show. We shared over 1500 hugs over four hours with people young and old, big and small. Some told us they hadn’t been hugged in 10 years.  #freehugsbarrie

Yes, the best things in life are free.  I was so pleased to share this moment and to give these hugs. I know I got the biggest benefit of it as I experienced the surprise, laughter and joy from all of these marvelous people.

What can you do this week that is fun, free, and gives to others and to yourself?

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