Using your toys-funHappy September!  The kids are back to school and the days are getting shorter.  There is a bit of chill in the morning air here in Central Ontario, and it reminds me that the seasons will change faster than we think.

I spent some time this weekend out on the trails near my house.  It made me think of all of the things we can do for free fun.

Ride your bike, go for a hike, have a picnic.  You can go to the library, listen to music, paint a picture.  You can write a letter, call a friend, host a potluck.  As the fall gets busy with back to work and school, chores, trips and homework, be sure to take time to enjoy time doing things that are simple and fun, on your own or with the family.

Make sure you have time for fun by doing some planning for your meals.  This week’s article will give you the tools.

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