Ezine-Photo-Porch-2014-08-07I am sitting in the gazebo listening to the birds chatter and the occasional boat putter by. The water is calm and peaceful and the mist is rising off the surface. The sun is rising behind the trees ready to warm up the crisp morning air. It is the last morning of our little holiday at my sister’s in-law’s cottage in central Ontario.

I feel blessed to live in such a beautiful part of the country, and to have to opportunity to enjoy it regularly through my house in the woods and the beautiful spots friends and family share with me.

As an entrepreneur, it is so easy to get caught up in the have-ta-do-it world of go-go-go. I am certainly one to fall into it. Before we left for this 5-days of fun and family, I was trying to finish a big project to release out to my community and the world. I had spent weeks of full on project mode, and several 2am mornings, up again at 6 to hammer through the task list.

In my drive to get it all done, I almost missed out on the fun of the work, the joy of the creation and the pleasure of working with my wonderful team to put all the pieces together.

Did I get all of my tasks checked off before I closed my office for my holiday? Nope. And that’s okay. I gave myself permission to just stop.

It allowed my team time to catch up and make sure things are properly built instead of asking them to risk the mess when things are slapped together in haste. It will save me money in the long run, avoiding costly mistakes in the rush to get something done too fast. It gave me time to consider what special things I can add to the mix and how I can bring even more value to what I am creating.

Maybe today’s article isn’t so much about money as it is about choice. How are you choosing to live your business? Is it in alignment with what you really want? Are you putting in the time money and energy when it is really needed? Are you giving yourself permission to just stop sometimes?

I look forward to checking off the last few boxes on my tasks list and working with my team to finalize everything for this project. I am so excited to share what I have created and start the conversation. And … I am thankful for the lessons along the way about patience, persistence and joy.



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