In our “see it-want it” society of instant gratification and high expectations, it is easy to feel like you don’t have enough and even that you are not enough.

Money challenges can begin to define how we feel about our life.  You might feel like you are failing if you don’t have all the things what your friends have or what you think you deserve.  Envy, jealousy and frustration can rise up when others seem to be doing better or life isn’t going your way.

When you are feeling low, frustrated or even bitter it can be tough to make positive changes in your money life.

gratitudeAttitude of Gratitude

Making change starts with gratitude.  Researchers who study gratitude have shown that it is directly linked with greater happiness. Gratitude helps people:

  • Feel more positive emotions

  • Appreciate good experiences

  • Improve their health including sleep and stress

  • Deal with adversity

  • Build strong relationships

Money may feel like a challenge right now, but it doesn’t define who you are.  Actively appreciating what you have, who you are and what you bring to the world can shift your mindset and the energy in your money life.

Take Stock

Spend some time examining your life.  Be a detective and search out all of the ways that your life is already wonderful.  Don’t stop at your stuff.  Take a look at tall of the areas of your life.

Possessions – If you took a look at your stuff from the outside, how wealthy would you appear? You may have forgotten how fortunate we are just to be living in the Western world.

Skills – Recognize that your education in a classroom and out, and the skills you bring to your work and life are amazingly valuable.

Relationships – Consider the richness of your relationships and the learning, joy and love that comes from the people in your life.

Life Experiences – Think about the amazing experiences you have had in your life and your capacity to share those experiences.

Opportunities – Keep in mind the freedom you have to create and explore new opportunities.

Make a list – see if you can get to 50 things.  How about 100? 150? 200?  I bet you will be amazed at how rich your life is.

Your Glass is Totally Full

There is a story of the pessimist who sees the glass half empty and the optimist who sees the glass half full.  Consider instead, that the glass is totally full:  the bottom half is full of liquid and the top half is full of air.  Gratitude helps to keep things in perspective.

That perspective and your mindset are are a choice.  Choose to love where you are in life and celebrate what is going well for you right now.  When you add up all the reasons that your life is already amazing, you will find that you are richer than you think.

Loved these ideas? Want to talk about how to do more to make friends with your money? Set up a time to chat with Karen.

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