Here are 3 more great ways to use your Tax Return

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7.    Lenkivad it

Is there someone in your life who could really use a hand up?  Consider lending your tax return to a friend starting a business, a student trying to cover school, or an acquaintance getting back on their feet after a loss.  Want to go further afield? is a micro-lending site where you can lend as little as $25 to entrepreneurs in developing countries.spendit

8.    Give it

Consider donating your tax return to a cause close to your heart.  Not only does the organization benefit, you get the benefit of helping, and a tax credit in this tax year.  A win, win, win situation.

9.    Spend it

Of course, if you don’t have bad debt, you have a plan to pay for your lifestyle expense, and you are contributing regularly to your retirement plan, you can always just go spend it.  Yeah, I know – this one sounds like the most fun.

Have I got your attention?  Let’s talk about how to take advantage of the suggestions that appeal to you.  

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