Brain Science and Your Money TigerAll of us suffer  ‘money anxiety’.  Although it probably shows up differently for Donald Trump and Oprah, worry about financial matters is part of the North American human condition.  Researchers tell us that beyond a fairly low level of income to meet our basic needs, feeling financially free doesn’t have much to do with the state of our net worth.

It actually has more to do with the state of our brains! Today’s advanced brain imaging techniques have identified exactly which neuropathways are firing when we think in different ways about our money situation.  Thoughts like, “How will I pay this bill?” or “How could I have been so stupid to overspend like that?” or “Will there be enough for my retirement?” create specific electrical impulses in our brain which then stimulate our body to release chemicals that create feelings of overwhelm, anxiety or humiliation.

This is the biological fight/flight/freeze stress response, just like if we went out our front door right now and ran into a sabre tooth tiger!   Our bodies react exactly the same way.   What is different is that our ‘money tiger’ doesn’t go away.  We can’t just fight it or run away from it. We continue to fight/flight/freeze and think the same thoughts and release the same chemicals, putting the brain and body into a chronic stress reaction.  Over time, this chronic stress leads to suffering in our quality of life and health.  Dr. Gabor Mate, a Canadian medical doctor from Vancouver, says in his book ‘When the Body Says No’, that over 95% of doctor visits have chronic stress as the underlying core issue.  And as a relationship therapist for over 20 years, I know that along with children, in-laws and sex, money stress is one of the top four reasons for marital discord and divorce.

Fortunately, neuroscience has also shown that thinking thoughts of appreciation puts the brain into an entirely different state where it releases chemicals that create feelings of peace and well-being.  This relaxation response allows the body to use its resources for maintenance and healing requirements.  The empowering news is that since the brain is a binary structure, it is either in ‘stress mode’ or ‘relaxation mode’, and we control that through our choice of thoughts!  This is powerful knowledge indeed.

The brain learns through repetition and emotion; so if we routinely decide to put our brain and body into a state of emotional appreciation, we can literally train it to feel peaceful and financially free regardless of our net worth.  And when our brain is in this positive emotional state it learns more efficiently, allowing us to more easily incorporate positive money strategies and habits.  The payoffs in our health, wealth and relationships are tremendous.


Nancy ForresterNancy Forrester is a highly regarded therapist and mentor who has helped hundreds of people overcome struggles with health, relationship, money and work.

She is an internationally known pioneer in integrating cutting edge interpersonal neurobiology with traditional growth and healing strategies.

Nancy works privately with a small number of clients and is the CEO of the National EFT Training Institute (NEFTTI). She teaches healing professionals, wellness coaches and individuals how to incorporate these powerful techniques into their own lives and how to get better deeper, faster, more satisfying client results with less negative impact on their own health.

Learn more about Nancy’s work and contact her at The next NEFTTI training is September 28-30th in Toronto.

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