Happy New Year!

I love this. The New Year always feels like an opportunity for a fresh start. After enjoying the holiday and taking some time to breathe, think and plan it’s time to rock and roll! Clean the slate of anything that didn’t work well last year, and bring your brilliance to the new beginnings.

Are you part of the 54% of people making New Year’s Resolutions to sort out your money once and for all? Whoop!  Good for you – you will find a ton to help you be successful in this New Year’s edition.

  1. hands-upRead on to learn how to create a really good resolution that you can actually stick to. Follow the five steps to get clear, break it down and see huge results.

  2. Meet Naomi and Jamie who made and kept a New Year’s Resolution last year to take control of their finances once and for all. They rocked it out! Find out how much easier it was than they expected.

  3. Come play with me in the Money Life Overhaul. It starts in a week and it is just the thing to kick your financial frustrations, stick to your resolution, and give you the tools to really successful.

Make 2014 your best year yet! I am so glad to be doing it with you.  Rock it out!

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