Hello Money

Hello Money, Goodbye Cash-flow Chaos:
Super simple strategies to understand your money and eliminate debt
(Webinar Series)


Hello Frustrated Friend –

Is your money making you crazy?
Do you earn a good living and still feel like there isn’t enough?
For many people, money is the #1 factor in every decision they make. Where you live. What you drive. What you do for fun. What clothes you buy. Even what you eat for dinner.  Money isn’t the most important thing, but it touches everything that IS important.

It’s time to get to know your money.
Time to say Hello Money! (and Goodbye Cash flow Chaos)

Are you tired of feeling out of control and unclear about your money, (sometimes paying bills late because you forgot about them)?

Are you sick of watching the credit cards creep up again (even though you just consolidated last year)?

Are you done with watching your friends go on holidays and wondering how they do it?

Are you over living month-to-month (while biting your nails and hoping you’ll get by) and not being able to save any money?

If you answered, yes, yes, yes and another yes, then please keep reading and know you aren’t alone.

Karen, with your help my financial intelligence has grown in leaps and bounds! I have faced my fears and realized that my situation is not as bad as I thought. Thank you for empowering me to finally and completely take control of my money.
– Susanne Hemet, Success Coach and Trainer, Barrie ON January 2011


It is the complaint I hear about most. “Karen, we feel out of control! We make good money and still feel like we are not getting anywhere. We have tried to set up budgets but they don’t work. Our debt is increasing and our savings are not. If one of us lost our job we’d be screwed.”

I have seen so many clients living like this. Borrowing from Peter to Pay Paul and juggling the bills to see which one you can push off. Wondering where the money was going to come from for the property tax bill. I call it Faking It. Living as if you have the money to pay for the lifestyle you are leading.


What if there was a different way?

Imagine feeling in control and make plans. Paying off debt and building savings.

Are you ready to:

• Focus on your goals and what you really want?
• Get clear what your life actually costs?
• Stop the cash flow bleeding, pay off your bills and create a plan to get out of debt for good
• Match your money to your goals and live a great life with the money you earn?
• Make wise money decisions with total confidence?

For those of you nodding or jumping up and down in agreement:

Hello Money, Goodbye Cash-flow Chaos:
Super simple strategies to understand your money and eliminate debt (Webinar Series)

I took the same system that I teach my private clients who are changing their financial and personal lives in incredible ways and I turned it into a 4-session program that is accessible to everyone.
Because here at KarenCollacutt.com, the more happy, successful, friendly, wealthy and inspiring families, the better!


Yes! I am ready to say Hello Money, Goodbye Cash-flow Chaos”
When I enroll in this special Hello Money, Goodbye Cash-flow Chaos program I will get:

  • 4 live webinars, each about 60 minutes long, personally taught by Karen Collacutt, CFP, CMC
  • PDF course worksheets, checklists and tip lists – download these prior to listening to each of the 4 content classes so you can follow along.
  • Recordings of the webinar classes so I can review them at my convenience.

  Invest in your future NOW for only $249!


Here’s what happy clients are saying about working with Karen Collacutt:

I would recommend Karen to everyone…and I do!!  I never felt judged or incompetent.  She walked me through every step.  I now control my money…it does not control me.  I now take action to proactively plan my budget around upcoming expenses and the impact of that is amazing.  No more high credit card balance and no more dipping into my line of credit….yippee

 Gay Ainsworth, Barrie, Ontario, Administrative Assistant, January 2012


Karen’s program turned our lives around!  Our finances are under control, we have a plan for our future, and we are on target to finish paying off our debt within the year.  We no longer worry about where money will come from for certain expenses as it is accounted for in our financial plan. Now we actually find it fun to manage our finances, see our savings grow, and our debt decrease.  And, we have money set aside for all of our goals!   Karen’s service was undeniably the best investment we have ever made.

Elina Birmingham and Michael MacIssac
2012, Vancouver, BC