logoThis morning I watched a video about an experiment done by Dove. (http://mashable.com/2013/04/15/dove-ad-beauty-sketches/)

In the video, it showed some of the results of their experiment.  A forensic artist had sketched two versions of a woman based on 2 descriptions. – one by her, and one by a strange.  The differences between the sketches were dramatic.  The ones described by the strangers looked much like the person, generally attractive and happy.  The ones described by self didn’t.  They tended towards haggard, much fatter or thinner, less attractive and less happy.

The women in the video seemed to recognize themselves in both drawings.  They responded strongly to the two sketches and acknowledged that they are more beautiful than they think, that they could choose to see themselves in a different way.

What struck me is how hard we are on ourselves, and how gracious and loving we are to others – even people we don’t know very well.  It made me think about how we do the same thing with our perceived success and failures around money.

Clients often come into meetings with me apologetic and chagrined about the choices they have made around their money.  When they get off track they move into “Always and Never Land” where they are always going to be bad with money and they will never get it right.  We talk about what is really happening, and I help them see that they are doing fine.  Most often, they are doing many things right, and by making a few small tweaks, including forgiving themselves, they will keep moving in the right direction.

What if we were just a little kinder to ourselves?  What if we accepted our challenges and loved ourselves anyway?  Think about how you talk to yourself about your money history.  If someone else spoke to you that way, how would you react?

Is it time to be a better friend to your money and to yourself?  Let’s talk.  www.schedulewithkaren.com


If you would like to see more about this experiment, visit: http://realbeautysketches.dove.ca/



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