When was the last time you did something really out of the ordinary?  Something fun and exciting, something that felt extravagant?

Family Flying in TorontoFeeling stressed about money, no matter how much you actually make, can make you feel stuck.  You get into the daily grind of how to pay the bills and you forget to dream.  You stop doing the things that feel fun, exciting and extravagant.

Stop it!  Dream, let your imagination soar and find creative ways to do fun, exciting and extravagant things.

I love creativity.  I am a big fan of finding ways to get or do what I want for less money.  You saw that in my post about building our shed.

I also love experiences.  I am not much of a stuff person – I don’t love to shop but I do like nice things and I LOVE a great experience.  I am always on the lookout for ways to create that experience in a cheap and cheerful way.

Toronto Airways Flight TrainingA number of months ago, I was at a fundraising event supporting the Collingwood Rowing Club.  There were several adventures available to bid on in their silent auction.

An instructor from Toronto Airways Flight Training donated a gift certificate for a one-hour scenic flight.  I was excited!  My husband was a flight steward for the Canadian Forces for many years, and I know he loves to fly.  I knew this would be a great family experience to enjoy together.

Lake Simcoe and Kempenfelt BayI made my bids and kept an eye on the sheets.  As the bidding came to a close, I double-checked the sheets.  I wanted to make a good bid, help out the club and get a great deal for myself.

Whoop!  I won the bid for 60% of the value of the prize.  The rowing club benefited and we got our experience, spending much less than I would have otherwise.

This weekend, we went flying.  It was definitely a fun, exciting and extravagant family experience.  We had a great time together as a family and we did something that we would not normally do in our daily lives.

Our home from the air - BarrieWe flew out of the Toronto Airways Flight Training School in Toronto.  Our wonderful pilot, Eugene, took us on an amazing flight up through the Holland Marsh and the middle of Lake Simcoe towards our home.  It was a beautiful day and the views were amazing.  Eugene circled around and around our house so we could see it.  He tipped the wings way down doing really tight circles.  When he realized that we were confident and brave, he showed us what positive and negative G-Forces feel like.  Much like a roller coaster on steroids!

What a fantastic day!  We had a ton of fun, and experience that was unusual and exciting and we got to see our home from the air.  How cool is that!

This whole experience cost a fraction of what we would have paid, and a charitable organization benefited in the meantime.


Kevin, Emily and I had a great time and we had an experience that created memories that will outlast just about any stuff that we might have purchased.

What experiences would you like to have with your family.  How can you create ways to do them that are less expensive? What might you do if you let your imagination soar?

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