The Mindset of Money


I told you about this last week, and … yeah, I know – best intentions to take action and all that. You might have missed registering for this great event. :-)

Tomorrow I am being interviewed on The Mindset Of Money Video Event. I am really excited!

Did you know that the difference between the 8% who actually succeed in their New Years Resolutions and the 92% who don’t is …… MINDSET?


My colleague, Lynn-Marie Burke, a Financial Organizer and Coach is hosting this event to help you get results! How much more successful would you be if you aligned your mindset to your goals? Would it put you in the 8%?

Tell Me How To Be In the 8%!! – CLICK HERE

Join us tomorrow as Lynn-Marie and I talk about two of the most important topics around success in business, Mindset and Money!

When you register for THE MINDSET OF MONEY  you get access to the interview with me, and with NINE other experts. Join us NOW.


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