“We can’t have a retirement plan that we escape by dying because we are living longer.”, Nancy Griffen

Nancy made this comment at the Women, Worth, and Wellness talk I went to at #RyersonU this week and I was really struck by it. Despite a 16% growth in women’s income, and the fact that one-third of women are now earning as much or more than their husbands, women are still saving less than men. Since women are statistically living longer than men, you need more put away. Running out of money before you run out of life is not where you want to be.

It really got me fired up. So, ladies and gentlemen – here’s your kick in the butt. Let’s get your money sorted out so you can create the wealth you want for you and your families. If you have been watching and waiting, it is time to take action. Find out how: www.karencollacutt.com/moneycoaching

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