Learning new stuff can be nerve-wracking. Fear of looking stupid, feeling foolish, or just plain being unable can hold us back from stepping up to learn something new. I get it.

About 10 years ago, I was ready for a career change. I decided to start working in financial services and after talking to a few people and companies, I was ready to dive in which meant that I would have to write two major exams for my insurance and investments licenses. It was a big deal – lots of learning and lots of memorizing. I was scared. I didn’t know if I could do it.

Two years prior, I had had brain surgery. I had a problem with the arteries in my brain, and doctors decided that they needed to ‘cut a little window’ in my scull to get in there, poke around and fix me up. It all worked, but in those two years, there had been some issues with memory and processing information. So, I really didn’t know if I could learn this new information.

To get to where I wanted to go, I had to learn this stuff and be able to do something with it. I just didn’t know if I was capable. I had had challenges and didn’t have the confidence that if I took it on I would be able to do it.

Does this sound like anything in your life? You’d really like to master something and just aren’t sure if you are capable? Is the fear of learning stopping you?

So, what did I do? I took a course, read the book, asked questions and asked for help … and I aced the exams. The cool thing is that it was not nearly as hard as I thought it would be, and I already knew a lot of the information. I just didn’t know that I knew it.

What I learned was:

1. That is was easier than I thought it was going to be
2. A lot of it I already knew, and
3. By looking at it in interesting and different ways, it made sense for me in a new way.

The same goes for learning about money. We often feel that we don’t know – it is too hard, too scary. My suggestion: start by learning – read online or from books, take a tele-class, course (Like Hello Money, Goodbye Cash Flow Chaos!) or hire a coach.

Like I did, you can learn:

1. That it is easier than you thought it was going to be
2. A lot of it you already know, and
3. By looking at it in interesting and different ways, it will make sense for you in a new way.

We all learn differently –visual, auditory, hands on. If you are not getting it – try out a different way to learn what you need to know. Ask questions, ask for help and add a bit of knowledge every time and have some fun with it.

Go get ‘em!


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