parents-anniversaryWhat a week! Highs and lows of sharing new messages and technology challenges, sun and rain, family time and crazy long work days.

This weekend, my sisters and I are throwing a party to celebrate my parent’s 50th Wedding Anniversary. It has got me thinking of the big lessons they have taught me. These are the gems I came up with.

  1. Love is a verb – an action word. For their whole marriage, through thick and thin …  50 years later, I see my parents loving every day.
  2. My parents taught that me that I can do anything, so it is my job bring my whole self to everything I choose to do – even (especially) when it is hard.
  3. Having an opinion is critical. After years of being the peacekeeper, I finally get this one. State my opinion and be willing to argue it, or shut up and sit down.
  4. Grace under fire and choosing to be happy are the keys to a great life.

Happy Anniversary, Mom and Dad! What have you learned from the important people and experiences in your life? Scroll down for this week’s article about lessons in life and money.

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