“Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated.” ~ Confucius

There are moments in time in which life truly does seem simple.  The birth of a child. The death of a loved one. The achievement of a tremendous goal.  That moment when you stand in the forest and listen to the enormous quiet. The gentleness of the night as you watch your child sleep.

We complicate our lives all the time with busyness, stress, indecision and apathy.  Then, once in a while, something comes along to make us stop in our tracks and see how simple life really is.

This happened to me this week.  A colleague passed away very suddenly.  He seemed to be a happy, healthy guy in his early forties with a busy family and job.  He was in my office in the afternoon, and by 8:30pm he had passed away.  It was shocking and made me take a look what is important and what I am making complicated.

A question I often ask my clients is “What are you pretending not to know?”.  It is a great question because it pokes at us in the spots where we hide from ourselves.

I talk about the Cycle of Financial F-Words in my free audio.  The first “F” is for Faking It.  Don’t we do this in our lives all the time?  We live in Fantasy Land where we pretend everything is fine, ignoring the signs.

So, what about you?  Are you pretending not to know that

  • if you spend more than you make you go into debt?

  • when you eat too much and don’t exercise you gain weight?

  • when you stay at work so late your family misses time with you?

  • your business won’t grow if you don’t invite people to be clients?

  • buying stuff is more important than spending time?

When we pretend not to know, we complicate our lives, and we have to manage all of that complexity in our heads.

“We’re not grateful because we’re happy, we’re happy because we are grateful.” ~ Lynne Twist

Gratitude is the balm for the complexity of life.  It allows us to be quiet, breathe and acknowledge what is important, what we have achieved, those we love, those we admire.

I took some special time this weekend to  be grateful for my blessings.  To acknowledge who I am, what I bring and why I am here.  To remind myself of the simplicity of life and what is truly important.  I invite you to do the same.

Action Steps:  For the next week, before you go to sleep, think about five things you are grateful and write them down. Thinking them, writing them down and seeing them accumulate over a week (or longer!) will help you get in the habit of daily gratitude.


Blessings and joy to you.




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