heart-jarThe aisle seems to go on forever. Miles of red and pink cards all declaring undying love. Boxes of chocolates stacked and a container of fake roses in cellophane perched on top. He knows he is supposed to get something good for her, plan something special.  A big romantic gesture, ideally a big expensive gesture is required fulfill society’s expectations. So much pressure!

Oh, Valentine’s Day how we love (and hate) you! As soon New Year’s is over, the hearts come out and the expectations rise.  I am all for love, don’t get me wrong, but this holiday can feel like a financial pressure cooker decorated with tacky paper hearts.

So, what can you do to celebrate love, joy and passion without it biting you in the wallet? Here are five fun and inexpensive ideas to enjoy yourself, play together and enjoy this heart day.

Love love

Single, married, divorced, widowed, whatever – celebrate love. This lovey-dovey holiday can be tough if you are not in a happy relationship. Don’t get bent about it – choose love. Spend some time with a good friend, an elderly relative, a fun kid. Make heart crafts, play great dance music, sing songs. You could even share your love of love with strangers by giving out Free Hugs.

Pick another day

This is my personal favorite. My husband and I met on February 6th, so every year we celebrate with a lovely evening out.  We don’t have to fight the crowds or the upleveled prices.  Basically, any other day will cost less for meals, flowers, cards and just about anything else you can think of related to the holiday.  Pick a new day for your celebration and make it your special day.

Plan a romantic picnic

It is pretty cold here in Central Ontario, so either bundle up tight and build a bonfire, or better yet, create an intimate picnic venue in your bedroom or living room. Set the stage with some great music, candles and a few rose petals. Feed each other yummy finger foods with a bottle of sparkling wine and some high quality chocolate for dessert. Finish the evening off as you see fit.

Plan a Scavenger Hunt

Create an adventure by designing clues and leaving them in fun locations around your neighbourhood.  Set up the last clue by heading to a great location – a fun event out, a romantic dinner. Or finish off at your place with a great meal and a bubble bath.

Make it a Movie Night

Plan a night of movies that your honey will love.  Maybe it is the Bourne trilogy, a few Bond movies or the 80’s John Hughes movies – Sixteen Candles, Breakfast Club. A few romantic chick flicks – Serendipity and Notting Hill might be the ticket or the Lord of the Rings series.  Think about what your partner would love and set it up with popcorn, licorice and sodas.  Add in a foot rub and you will be celebrated for your creativity and consideration.

How will you spend Valentines Day?

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