gears brainIt is important get a hold of the purpose of the Entrepreneurial Power Personas. While you could see that “I am this but not that” or “that one is good and another is bad”, instead, listen for what you don’t know that you don’t know.

Your Entrepreneurial Power Persona reveals your go-to approach to business, relationships, money and life. You have seen and heard some things you haven’t thought about before in these posts. Your purpose is to begin to identify some very powerful things inside yourself as an entrepreneur that are both serving your business and hindering it at the same time.

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Entrepreneurial Power Persona #4

The Magician

MagicianAs The Magician, you are confident in your ability to create the life and business that you want. You are probably spiritual and feel energetically connected. You live more in the possibilities for the future than in the present. It’s likely that you focus as much on personal development as you do on your business and the numbers follow. As a Magician, you use your sense of purpose to guide business. You fear being inauthentic and you focus on being true to yourself and your purpose.

Benefits of the Magician

You thrive, Magician, in your unshakable belief in the possibilities for you and your business and your trust that it will all come to pass. Personal development gives you focus and you bring the learning into your business. When things are going well and you feel like you are in alignment, you can manifests money and opportunities easily. You are confident that everything will work out if you can just believe in yourself and the possibilities. When there is positive momentum, the business moves forwards. And then the energy shifts.

 Realities for the Magician

The challenge, Magician, is that you have a tendency to lean too heavily on your belief in the manifestation of your goals. You are not keen on tracking your business numbers, and so you either track dutifully and grudgingly or ignore it altogether. Your focus on the future can blind you to learnings from the past.

You tend to move in the direction that you are travelling. When things are good, Magician, you are good and there is positive momentum. If things are not good, you can spiral down. The momentum slows, and you can get discouraged, fearful and lose faith in your ability to do your job and to manifest what you want. Bills may pile up and are ignored. Projects go unfinished, deadlines missed and revenues go down.

The Magician might say things like:

“If I believe it is true it will come true”

“If I don’t look at my numbers they won’t distract me”

“No negative energy in my life and business”

As a Magician, your greatest assets are your faith in the possibilities and ability to ride positive momentum. They help you create your business and life.  But if your negative patterns of slowing the momentum, losing faith in yourself and ignoring your numbers are not managed properly your business will not succeed.  

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