Happy Halloween! It’s tomorrow and you still need a costume – for you or for the kids. Here are four really easy, inexpensive and quick ways to create a costume for the school party, trick or treating or Hallow’s Eve clubbing.

Hoodie AnimalHoodie Animals

A solid colour hoodie in any colour can be used to make a hoodie animal.  Scrap pieces of felt  can be used to decorate the hoodie.  You don’t even have to sew by using  fabri-tac glue.

Some creativity and a bit of time makes this fun and easy costume.  I bet the kids will want to wear it all the time. If it is good enough for Martha, it is good enough for me.

Lego CostumeLego® Man

This colourful, fun and simple costume is created with two boxes.  Cut arm, leg and a head hole in the box.  Add some some plastic cups and paint it a bold Lego® colour to create this fun and simple costume.  Tack the small box to a baseball hat turned backwards.  Complete your Lego® Man look by adding like-colour clothing underneath.  Downsize for a kid, upsize for an adult for a big hit.

Paint Chip CostumePaint Chip

Simple, fun and creative, this costume can be created with $5 from the dollar store.  All you need is poster board, masking tape and paint.  Add a piece of string and a matching t-shirt and you are ready to roll.  If you have a group you can each be a different colour.


For a few dollars and a bit of time, you can create this great costume.  Make the ladybug wings with red and black poster board and some black elastic.   Create the antenna with pipe cleaners and pompoms.  Attach them to a cute black hat, or headband.  Plain black clothing underneath makes the costume.  It would be easy to upsize for an adult.

Enjoy these simple and inexpensive ways to get ready for the festivities.  Have a super time celebrating Halloween.

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