snow treeHappy New Year! I know, I know, it is almost the end of January, but this is my first newsy email of the year. Life is great here. I hope 2015 is rockin ‘n’ rollin for you.

You may have felt that you have seen fewer emails from me over the past few months. It’s true.  I been listening to you … You love knowing where I am at and the quick hits of ideas, tips and action steps. The long articles, well … Not so much. They just take too much time to read.  I get it. I am with you. So … you will see things coming to you a bit differently going forward.

So here’s the scoop on what’s up with me. So far, 2015 has been wonderful. I have had a ton of fun with clients, create a new workshop and program and speaking at various events including The Association of Ontario Doulas and the Women’s Education program at TELUS.

Cool stuff that is coming up:

I am working on a new workshop based on the five Entrepreneurial Power Personas that I introduced in The One Percent Secret Special Report. I am so excited about it! More to come soon

As a tool for positive, lasting change, hypnosis can work where many other methods haven’t.

Clients have been really fun and exciting lately. It’s about the money, but it is not about the money, right? We have been working on the practical stuff of managing their money, AND the mindset stuff. You know, the head junk that gets in the way of even being able to talk about money.

Here is a bit of what two clients of shared with me.

“Your coaching has sent ripples throughout my life. I must say – I feel sooooooooooo much calmer about my money. I realized that I could freak out (which I know does NOTHING) or I could simply plan and change it for next month and all the months after!  So friggin awesome! Now I am operating from a place of calmness and understanding “ SY

“I now feel confident that I can move forward into the future knowing exactly where I stand financially at all times. You were exactly what I was looking for in a Money Coach – precise, approachable, intelligent, and accessible.” BV

Super excited for the results I am seeing! All of my clients are seeing big changes by taking one small step at a time.

Alright enough about me. For you … click on the good stuff below to join in on the telesummits and events. I’d love to see you there. I’ll remind you about it again just before I am on, ( in case you procrastinate).

See you soon!

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