I hate when I screw up.

The last few weeks have been exciting, upsetting, challenging and interesting. I stepped out with a big message – a new way of talking about money.

  • How we spend money
  • How we make decisions about money
  • A new blueprint for money – one that is by you, for you

I have had a lot of really positive feedback and I really appreciate those who have seen the most recent webinar.

I have also had some negative feedback, and to be honest even the positive feedback has been different than I was expecting. The emails I sent got a lot of attention – unfortunately, some of the attention was not on the topic I was trying to bring up.

The money message I have is about personal responsibility, so it only makes sense that I take responsibility for my part in this misunderstanding. I screwed up. I sent a couple of emails with language that seemed like I was launching an attack on the coaching industry. That was really not my intention, and on reflection, I understand why some interpreted it that way. For that I accept full responsibility.

So, let me clarify. Here is what you really need to know.

  1. I am a part of the coaching industry and have benefited from the coaching I have purchased. I have many wonderful colleagues in this industry and I recognize the value coaches bring to the clients we work with.
  2. I, like you, have made money mistakes. Some of my best examples have come out of decisions I have made in the last few years, mistakes like Buying Salvation and Image Spending. It makes sense for me to use these examples in my work. In the words of Suzanne Evans, I am “making my mess my message”.
  3. We live with Money Myths and run Unconscious Money Patterns in our lives and businesses that make it difficult to make great money decisions. I am on a quest to share these with you so that you can recognize them, and know how to stop them running your life.
  4. Our society is rife with money problems – overspending, huge debt loads, high stress. Businesses are failing and marriages are suffering. I see what the problems are and I know there is a different way.
  5. Very few people are talking about HOW to actually do money and be with money. It is my job to talk about how to make better money decisions. How to invest in your business effectively. How to fix decisions when you realize they are not working for you. How to manage your personal and business money so you can build true Personal Wealth.

Have you had a message go astray before? It really sucks – the kerfuffle takes the focus off of what the real message is. That being said, it creates space for conversation about the original message and the misunderstood message.

I’d love for you to join the conversation in the comments below. 

I have spent more than a decade learning about the way we behave around our money. You tell me about the biggest challenges in your business and personal lives, and inevitably, money tops the list. I am excited to create a new space to talk about Personal Wealth as choice instead of accumulation. Keep your eye open for the next chapter.

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