Couple Holding Piggy BankWhen you meet someone new who you connect with, you explore the idea of a friendship.  You get to know each other and spend time together.  You find out about how the other one is and how you are together.  You try on the new friendship to see if it is comfortable.

Now think about that friend you have had for years and years.  How do you treat them?  You check in, and arrange to spend time together.  You attend to each other, care for each other and look out for each other.  If something goes wrong – a misunderstanding, an upset, you address it and make it better.

If you think of your money as a friend – new or old, how do you treat it?  Would your money say you are a good friend?  What would it say about how you treated it and what you expected from it?  What would the conversation sound like?

Money Conversation

What if, instead, the conversation could sound like this?

Money Conversation2

Imagine if you start treating your money like a friend.   You spend time together and attend to it.  You are kind and curious and you address it if you mess up.  How would you both feel then?

Loved these ideas? Want to talk about how to do more to make friends with your money? Set up a time to chat with Karen.

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