There is some really great stuff coming down the pipe and, as part of my wonderful community, you are going to get first crack at it. I can’t wait!

Ezine-Photo_CarRide-2014-07-31In last few months I have been writing and creating really powerful new resources to share with you, with my whole community and with the world. It is all about creating a NEW conversation about money. Even though our society seems to talk about everything, we still don’t talk about money. This stuff is going to crack open that conversation.

I am sooooo close to being ready to launch it all and I am super excited about it! Keep your eye on your email in the next week to 10 days for your special complimentary access to these new resources.

Read on for this week’s article about one of those big expenses in your Money Life Plan – your car. The good, the bad and the ugly about long loan payment terms.

Have a great week!

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