ezine-2014-07-03-CanadaFlagI love the celebrations that happen at the beginning of July. Canada Day falls on July 1, celebrating the birth of Canada – the uniting of three colonies into one country. I enjoyed listening to the CBC for the wonderful music played by talented Canadian Musicians at the Ottawa festivities.

July 4th marks Independence Day in the US and my neighbours to the south celebrate in much the same way with fireworks, picnics and flags. Have a wonderful holiday, my friends!

We are amazingly wealthy in North America – in dollars, culture, pride and community. Celebrate that, and read on to this week’s article if the road to your successful money life if feeling bumpy and confusing.

Talk soon –


P. S. Welcome to all of the new readers that joined our community over the last week. I know you are going to love the information and resources!

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