Ezine-Photo_StatueOfLiberty-2014-07-24How are you spending your summer? My honey and I went to NYC last weekend for a fun getaway. It was so much fun to balance off the cheap and cheerful with the indulgent.

We skipped the $28 tour to Liberty Island and hopped the free ferry to Staten Island to see the sights from the water. We walked and walked to enjoy the energy and excitement of the city, and then splurged on great tickets to see the Broadway show Wicked.

Ezine-Photo_Wicked-2014-07-24We had lunch in this great pub and upon asking about it, learned that it is the oldest tavern in NYC. We were given free tickets to the museum upstairs focused on the American Revolution and the site of George Washington’s farewell speech.

On the plane ride home I started thinking about what is up next for my business and the marketing stuff I have coming up in the next few weeks. I get asked a lot about how to pay for this stuff. Read on for four ways to fund your own marketing stuff.

Have a great week!

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