Company of Women

Company of Women

A big shout out to Anne Day from Company of Women this week. I was thrilled to be a presenter at Anne’s 8th Annual Journey 2 Success Conference. I lead a lively discussion around what you tell yourself about money and and how it can get you going or stop you in your tracks. I loved connecting with so many fabulous women business owners.

My big take away?

This gem from Charmaine Hammond: “Make an ASK of yourself” – ask for help to accomplish what you want.

Also this week … my paddleboard hit the water for the first time since last fall. Yeah! Unfortunately it also hit the ground when I dropped it. Boo! It is all fixed up again and ready for those beautiful sunrises.

Enjoy this week’s article about revenue and how sometimes it is the problem and the solution. Chime in to share what have you done in your business to create more revenue.

Have a fantastic week!

Talk soon –


P. S. Welcome to all of the new readers that joined our community over the last week. I know you are going to love the information and resources!

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