Happy Canada Day! Happy 147th birthday to our wonderful nation.

ezine-June-26-CanadaI was recently at a talk given by Arlene Dickinson. She reminded us that we are fortunate to have been born or raised in Canada. She said “living here doesn’t make you special, just lucky.”

Arlene’s words stuck with me. I feel blessed to live and work in a country where my right to speak, act, dress and live the way I want is protected by the laws, the culture, the government, and the brave members of our Canadian Forces.

I am Karen and I am proud to be Canadian! I wish you a wonderful holiday of bbqs, fireworks, parades and celebration.



P. S. Welcome to all of the new readers that joined our community over the last week. I know you are going to love the information and resources!

Photo Credit: http://ow.ly/yn8kk

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