MastermindI just got back from my Mastermind with my coaches and an amazing group of authentic, ambitious and rock star business owners.

I love this group and I am thrilled to be receiving amazing coaching from the Suzanne Evans team. We all need support, guidance and the occasional kick in the pants.

While at the event, I opened up a chocolate and the wrapper had a message on it that grabbed me. “Keep the promises you make to yourself”.

Where are you getting your support and your push create the life you really want? Are you keeping the promises you are making to yourself?

As you have seen from the email that I sent this week, I came to a big realization that I have been holding out on you! I know you are ready to make big changes in your money life and that the Get Real, Get Smart Get Going game plan will get you there.

I can’t wait to share this with you! I really hope you will take me up on my F.R.E.E. 15 minute Find Your Hidden Money Call. Bring your most pressing issue in your money life and we will brainstorm some strategies together. Let’s talk! What do you have to lose?

In this week’s article, I share some of the traps that people fall into with their money life … and believe me … I’ve been there! I hope it will give you something to think about in your own money life. Enjoy!

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