PrintProsperity 2017: Make Friends

with Your Money Webinar

December 29, 1pm EST

Money Problems Have Nothing to Do with Money

money-coupleIf you are:

  • Smart and successful and still messing up your money

  • Tired of arguing about or ignoring your money

  • Ready to see an new, easy and fun way to deal with your money

This is the webinar for you!

Join Karen to start 2017 off right!


In this 45-min webinar you will:


  • Learn how to Make Friends with Your Money

  • Find out how to get off the Ignore and Panic cycle for good

  • Build your 90-day plan to create Your Prosperity in 2017

Increased Confidence and Enjoyment

Karen really helped us work through the emotions and guilt regarding our poor financial track record to date. She helped us talk through what’s important to us as individuals and as a couple and recognize our ability to change habits and preconceptions.


Created a System That Worked For Us

We had putting off dealing with our money for a long time, and it was becoming a problem. Karen was fun, easy to work with, and she was able to cater and create a system that worked for us. We had an idea of our monthly recurring costs but had no idea how much we were spending on things like gifts, travel, vet bills, and going out. We were able to save for those things over the year and have the cash ready when we need to use it. It felt so good to know that were saving for those things all along instead of it being a shock. I highly recommend working


You Helped Us Not Be Scared of Our Money

Karen, we were so completely impressed at the wonderful cash flow management system you helped us implement into our lives. You helped us not be scared of our money anymore and take control of our finances. You’ve allowed us to openly talk about our financial plans and we comment every time we do our Money Sunday how easy and uncomplicated our lives have become because of this.

With this plan in place we have been able to make great leaps for our future.  We have highly recommended Karen to anyone that is feeling lost, overwhelmed or just plain unsure about their money situation!

Pam Wood and Al Goodyear

Arbonne Consultants, St. John’s, NL

Join Karen December 29, 1pm EST