happy-family-givingThe holidays can be an extra challenge when things are not 100% in your world.  Let’s spend some time this season to look at ways to manage expectations, make great choices and save some money.  This week we will start with two practical strategy and planning ideas to get you going.

Renegotiate the Rules

Talk to your family and friends about how you would like to celebrate the holidays.  Renegotiate the old rules and traditions to suit your current situation and your goals.


  • How much do you want to spend on gifts
  • How much traveling do you want to do?
  • Will you host a party?
  • How many parties will you attend?
  • What time and responsibilities are you willing to commit to?

Bring up what has been bugging you and ask for what you need. You may be surprised at how pleased they are that you brought it up and who else is interested in re-negotiating.

Make a list and set a budget

Same old advice, right? But seriously, it is a must do – make a list, decide what your max spending will be, plan it out and stick to it.  It will make for a MUCH happier New Year.

Start with this simple tool.  Write out everyone you give gifts to and how much you intend to spend.  Add service providers and others in your life who you recognize at the holidays.  Include other expenses that come up over the holidays.  Decorations, cooking and baking, shipping and travel.

Add it all up and then decide if the total is reasonable given your income and goals.  If not, adjust.  Remember, true generosity is good for the giver as well as the receiver.


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