I am pleased to welcome Ivy Slater of Slater Success Coaching as our guest writer this week!  

Welcome to October, the month that welcomes in Halloween with Goblin’s, Ghost’s and of course, Witches. It is a month filled with Tricks and Treats, Costumes and Fun.

I cannot resist relating Halloween to our Businesses. So join me in my fun adventure in doing this. Take a moment and think about what spooks you as a business owner and entrepreneur. You know, the fears that come at you in the dark of the night and often even during the day?

We have our own goblins, ghosts and witches…the fear of success, the fear of addressing money, the fear of stepping into our value and knowing we are great at what we do. Often these fears can be tied intertwined; the goblins, ghosts and witches often come together.

Let’s look at the Goblin – the fear of success. What does it mean to you to step into being a successful business person? Will you still have time for your family, friends and, most of all, yourself? What will happen to your priorities? Will the business take over your life? This is where a good support team, mentor or coach comes into play – someone to help keep you on track to your priorities. Your support team will help champion you, celebrate your successes with you and make sure you are keeping to your life priorities. Do not allow a Goblin to stop you from staying in integrity of your life priorities.

The Ghost – fear of money. That Ghost flies around in your head, hovering when you’re awake or sleeping…or trying to sleep. When we are fearful about money, our common response is “I cannot afford it.” Do you know how often I hear this, even when people haven’t asked the price? It is vital to look at your money, to understand what money is coming in and what is going out of your business. Then you can make logical investments, investments that will grow your business, investments that will give you a return on your money. This can be a scary thing to do, but again, your support team will help you look at all the angles and reach a logical business decision.

The Witch – stepping into our value. It is so hard to see our own value and the value we offer our clients. Get testimonials from your clients, then read them and see the impact you have made on people. Interview a client, and when you hear it in their words, imprint it on your “skull.” As entrepreneurs, we make a large impact on our community and the lives and businesses we touch. Step into your value, share your worth and you will spread the fairy dust of the good witch.

Enjoy the fun of Halloween but don’t let it live with you or your business all year long. Step into your value, have your money working for you and not against you and enjoy your success.

Cheers to your success,

Ivy Slater

Ivy Slater works with women entrepreneurs on developing and building their businesses. She assists them in identifying their desired goals and works with them to fit this into their life plans. www.slatersuccesscoaching.com
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