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Money affects every aspect of our lives and decision. Where you live and what you drive. What you do for fun. What clothes you buy. Even what you eat for dinner.

Are you:

  • tired of feeling out of control and unclear about your money?
  • sick of watching the credit cards creep up again?
  • done with watching your friends take holidays and wondering how they do it?
  • over living month-to-month and not being able to save any money?

If you answered, yes, yes, yes and another yes, then keep reading and know you aren’t alone.





pamandalgoodyearYou helped us not be scared of our money

Karen, we were so completely impressed at the wonderful cash flow management system you helped us implement into our lives. You helped us not be scared of our money anymore and take control of our finances. You’ve allowed us to openly talk about our financial plans and we comment every time we do our Money Sunday how easy and uncomplicated our lives have become because of this.

With this plan in place we have been able to make great leaps for our future. We have highly recommended Karen to anyone that is feeling lost, overwhelmed or just plain unsure about their money situation!

Pam Wood and Al Goodyear
Arbonne Consultants
St. John’s, NL

Do you feel out of control with your money? It is the complaint I hear about most.

“We make good money and still feel like we are not getting anywhere. We have tried to set up budgets but they don’t work. Our debt is increasing and our savings are not. If one of us lost our job we’d be screwed.”

Are you living like this? Borrowing from Peter to Pay Paul and juggling the bills to see which one you can push off. Wondering where the money was going to come from for the property tax bill. I call it Faking It. Living as if you have the money to pay for the lifestyle you are leading.

It’s time to kick back and do it differently.

Join in on three great calls

Mondays – June 3, 10, 17, from 7-8pm

Suzannehemmett 150x150 Success StoriesFrom Mind Fog to Money Wisdom

For many years through my marriage, I was the proverbial ostrich with my head stuck in the sand. When my marriage ended it became emotionally and physically painful to address the state of my financial affairs. With your patience, competence and gentle guidance, however, I have transformed into someone who not only has a handle on her financial affairs but actually enjoys keeping track of them!

Thank you for clearing my mind fog. Thank you for serving me tea when I was literally nauseous at the prospect of scrutinizing my spending. And thank you for providing me with the tools and action plan that empower me to manage my money wisely from here on in.

Susanne Hemet
Success Coach

What do you get when you Start Kicking Back?

  • Get Real about what is really happening with your money
  • Get Smart about simple steps to take control
  • Get Ready to stop worrying, get out of debt and make wise money decisions with confidence

Get Ready to stop worrying, get out of debt and make wise money decisions with confidence

Ready to Get Real, Get Smart and Get going?

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Yes! I am ready to Start Kicking Back.

When I enroll in this program I will get:

  • 3 tele-classes, each about 45 minutes long, personally taught by Karen Collacutt, CFP, CMC
  • PDF course worksheets, checklists and tip lists – download these prior to listening to each of the classes so you can get the most out of it.
  • Recordings of the tele-classes to review at my convenience.
  • Calls will be held 7-8pm EST on June 3, 10 and 17th, 2013

Invest in your future NOW for only $149

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Here’s what other happy clients are saying about working with Karen Collacutt:

Takes Control of Her Money

Gay AinsworthI would recommend Karen to everyone…and I do!! I never felt judged or incompetent. She walked me through every step. I now control my money…it does not control me. I now take action to proactively plan my budget around upcoming expenses and the impact of that is amazing. No more high credit card balance and no more dipping into my line of credit….yippee

Gay Ainsworth,
Barrie, Ontario,
Administrative Assistant

Karen’s program turned our lives around!

Our finances are under control, we have a plan for our future, and we are on target to finish paying off our debt within the year. We no longer worry about where money will come from for certain expenses as it is accounted for in our financial plan. Now we actually find it fun to manage our finances, see our savings grow, and our debt decrease. And, we have money set aside for all of our goals! Karen’s service was undeniably the best investment we have ever made.

Elina Birmingham and Michael MacIssac,
2012, Vancouver, BC

A great weight has been lifted

jamie&naomiOur New Year’s resolution this year was to get our finances in order. As a first step, Karen had us take a good hard look at our spending. We were shocked to see how much money was hemorrhaging from our bank account each month on really unnecessary purchases. With Karen’s guidance and plan, we have revolutionized how we’re managing our money.

We both feel like a great weight has been lifted; yet we have not had to make any major sacrifices in terms of our lifestyle. It is very freeing to have already set money aside to pay for the kids’ skating lessons or for when the car needs to be serviced. By making simple changes, we now have the money to go out for a date night … or add a little extra to our vacation fund! Thanks to Karen, we have a plan for the short and long term, and the “fear of the unknown” feeling is gone. And you can bet, this is one New Year’s resolution that will stick!

Jamie & Naomi
Newmarket, ON