Ezine-Photo_HappyWomanAtComputer-2014-07-17Now that you have got your Staycation planned with all of the great ideas from last week, here’s how you actually get out of the office!

For someone with a traditional job, a staycation is a great way to get away from work and spend time with family, friends or on your own. For an entrepreneur, although a staycation can be a vacation on a budget, actually getting away from your work and taking a real break can be a challenge, particularly if you work from home.

But guess what? Taking a break from your business can actually move your business forward! You get to take a break and get a different perspective. You will have time to consider what you have been doing and to think of new ideas.

So your job is to protect you from you. Arrange things so you can actually take a break and get away from your business for a few solid days. Set up a fun holiday and you will come back refreshed, with new ideas and new energy to create more revenue in your business.

Here are 8 things to do to prepare yourself for your staycation:

Schedule the time off in your calendar
Don’t let yourself “just book that one meeting” during your time off. Give yourself at least a few days with no work so you get a chance to really step away.

Advise your clients that you will be off work for a block of time
It isn’t necessary to let your clients know that you will be close to home. You are on holiday – let them assume you are away so you can get a real break.

Set up out of office alerts on your email and telephone
Let people know that you are away and when they can expect to hear back from you so they know what to expect and you can relax.

Turn off the ringer on your phone and your business email notifications on your phone
Give yourself a break from email notifications and the ringing phone so you don’t get sucked into business conversations when you are on holiday.

Arrange for your Assistant or a colleague to check messages or email
If you have clients or projects that might blow up while you are way, arrange for for your assistant or a trusted colleague to check your messages or email for crises. Give them VERY clear guidelines so they know what to bring to you and what to leave for when you get back.

Finish any projects before your take off
Nothing like some time off to create that push to finish a project. Use the reward of time off to wrap up the details so things aren’t pending while you are off.

Lock your office door
When you, by habit, head to your office and find it locked, you will be reminded that you are on holiday. An actual lock, a latch that you have to undo or even an elastic holding the door handle closed will create the interruption you need.

Schedule a full day on your return
Things will come up. Leave yourself time to deal with those things when you get back so you can keep the calm of the holiday with you as you jump back into your business.

Pop a note below to let us know what worked for you. Have a fantastic Staycation and be ready to rock your business on your return.
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