Ezine-Photo-LadyInHammock-2014-07-10The Staycation. A vacation choice that is becoming more and more popular, especially with the high price of gas and the exchange rate dipping. It can be a great inexpensive holiday – a way to have a wonderful time away from the day to day schedule. Relaxing, adventurous, fun, quiet – whatever you choose.

Staycation: a period in which an individual or family stays home and participates in leisure activities within driving distance, sleeping in their own beds at night (Wikipedia)

One of the big benefits of a Staycation is that you are saving on hotels and airfare. Use that big savings to your advantage – and … don’t be afraid to treat yourself. This is still a holiday. Decide how much you will spend, and then spend it!

Here are ten great ideas of ways to play. Enjoy – a small splurge is perfect for a Staycation and makes it feel special. Have a great time!

Hire a cleaning Service
Oh yes … this can feel decadent and is a GREAT way to start and end your staycation. For $80-160 depending on the size and state of your home, you can have a cleaning service come in prepare it for your holiday. Coming into a freshly cleaned home feels wonderful and will ensure you don’t spend your holiday cleaning. Book them to come at the end as well so you can go back to work with your home clean and tidy.

Credit: Pinterest

Credit: Pinterest

Spend the Day on the Beach

Set yourself up with a pretty DIY beach tent at the beach. Bring bamboo poles from the garden centre, a pretty sheet and some rope, and clothes pins to pull it together. You will want a bucket and shovel to dig the holes and fill with wet sand to hold your tent up. Enjoy a beachy day – swim, read a book, build a sandcastle, walk for miles.

Day Trip to a Pretty Small Town
Grab your honey or best girlfriend and make a day of it. Pick a destination no more than two hours away – you don’t want to spend the whole day in the car. Get up early, make your coffee to go and take off for the day. Wander the shops, got to the tiny museum or art gallery, pop into the library to learn about the local history. Eat lunch in a gem of a restaurant and chat with the owner.

Try Something New

Credit: NorthNSup.com

Credit: NorthNSup.com

Painting, pottery or music. Golf, Sailing or Stand Up Paddling. Writing, cooking or woodworking. If you love to try new things while on vacation, don’t stop because you are at home. Sign Up for a One Day Class. There are a ton of things you could spend a day experiencing. Local papers and stores or an online search will net you the right connection.

Host a Movie Night on the Lawn

Credit: Pinterest

Credit: Pinterest

Set up a big sheet on the wall of the house or between some trees. Rent or borrow a projector and hook it up to your laptop. Set up the lawn chairs. Add comfy pillows and blankets. Pop a pile of popcorn and other yummy snacks. Perfect for the kids and dogs to play too.

Paint the Town Red

Grab your best dress and your dancing shoes. Splurge on a fancy restaurant and an upscale night club. Get bottle service and dance the night away.

Enjoy a Spa Day

Book yourself a day at the spa to get pampered. Even better, invite your favorite massage therapist and aesthetician to your home. Get together with a couple of girlfriends, a bottle of wine and light lunch and enjoy a spa day at home.

Go on a photo adventure journey

Ezine-Photo-WalkInWoods-2014-07-10Go on a local adventure and capture it with your digital camera. How many great pictures can you take? Try cool close-ups and interesting angles. How can you see your neighbourhood and your community differently? Try the Camera360 app to turn your photos into paintings or cartoons.

Will you be taking a holiday this summer? Share with us below how you will spend your time and what you will do to make it special.

Enjoy yourself. Stay out of the office and treat yourself to some fun, play and relaxation.

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