“What you think about and what you feel about
what you think about are two different things.”

karen-karenI heard this from my friend and trainer Karen Kessler this week during the fantastic program I am taking with her.  It kind of blew my mind.  Just look at it for a moment … you think about something and then you have a feeling about that thought which is based on your experience of the world.

Try this … think about having a plan for your money.  What comes up? I bet the voices start, chattering about “budget”. When you have been successful, when you have failed, what your Mom said, what you should do, how it will work or won’t work and on and on.  It is a wonder we get anything done!

I invite you to call for quiet.  Just take one small step this week towards the money life you want now.  Read on to find Your M-Spot – a space in your home for your money life to live.

One little step …

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