Success Stories

_MG_8788My clients are amazing people who have taken great action and seen wonderful results in their lives.  I am so proud to have been part of their journey, and feel bless that they have shared with you their experiences.

Created a System That Worked For Us

susanWe had putting off dealing with our money for a long time, and it was becoming a problem. Karen was fun, easy to work with, and she was able to cater and create a system that worked for us. We had an idea of our monthly recurring costs but had no idea how much we were spending on things like gifts, travel, vet bills, and going out. We were able to save for those things over the year and have the cash ready when we need to use it. It felt so good to know that were saving for those things all along instead of it being a shock. I highly recommend working with Karen.

Best, Susan

Completely Changed the Way We Talk About Money

Our time with Karen was so valuable and has completely changed the way we talk about money. Karen approached our money issues with a personal and tactful touch. As opposed to the methods of traditional financial advisers that exist primarily to sell products, she instead helped us problem solve and prioritize. Karen helped us address the emotional and financial baggage that bogs down many couples while keeping us focused on our goals.
Karen has a great skill in understanding the multitude of languages that people speak in and about money. We are grateful for her wisdom and insightful nature. Since seeing Karen we have made great strides in our financial life. What seemed insurmountable became manageable!

Stacey Schat and Doug Ironside

No More Anxiety Over Money Choices

MagicboxWhen I met Karen, I had so much anxiety about money that I was literally losing sleep. I was often up all night agonizing over my situation, and it was affecting my health. I felt paralyzed about what decisions to make on how to spend my money. When I did make any decisions, I felt guilt and shame, even if the expense was for a necessity. I had no confidence in how to divvy up my paycheque.

Karen showed me that I was actually in much better financial shape than I’d thought. She taught me how to diminish my anxiety, and she taught me that I had choices when it came to spending, saving, investment and debt reduction. I actually didn’t know I had choices! I had been living my life desperate to reduce my debt, but it was unbalanced.

With Karen’s guidance, I feel confident now, and my anxiety is greatly diminished. In fact, when I make a choice on what to do with my money today that is the opposite choice of what I would have done 6 months ago, I feel no anxiety at all. Just pure excitement at taking control, making the best choice for myself, and creating a positive future. Thanks Karen!

Best, Kelly

Re-shaped My Perspective on Money

flowers in cansWhen I found Karen, I was overwhelmed, stressed out and unsure of where to start with getting my finances in order. I knew that I needed help and after listening to her free audio download, I found the courage to reach out to her.

Working with Karen was a fantastic investment! Her advice was sound and perfectly tailored for my situation. On top of that, she was kind and completely down-to-earth. She helped relieve my fears and left me feeling much more confident to take charge of my situation.

Karen’s  knowledge and insight really helped to re-shape my perspective on money and open my mind to new possibilities I would never have realized in my stressed-out state. If you’re ready to get real with your money and learn how to improve your relationship with it, I highly recommend giving Karen a call!

Joyanne H., Toronto
May 2014

A Great Weight Has Been Lifted

jamie&naomiOur New Year’s resolution this year was to get our finances in order. As a first step, Karen had us take a good hard look at our spending. We were shocked to see how much money was hemorrhaging from our bank account each month on really unnecessary purchases. With Karen’s guidance and plan, we have revolutionized how we’re managing our money.

We both feel like a great weight has been lifted; yet we have not had to make any major sacrifices in terms of our lifestyle. It is very freeing to have already set money aside to pay for the kids’ skating lessons or for when the car needs to be serviced. By making simple changes, we now have the money to go out for a date night … or add a little extra to our vacation fund!  Thanks to Karen, we have a plan for the short and long term, and the “fear of the unknown” feeling is gone. And you can bet, this is one New Year’s resolution that will stick!

Jamie & Naomi
Newmarket, ON

You Helped Us Not Be Scared of Our Money

pamandalgoodyearKaren, we were so completely impressed at the wonderful cash flow management system you helped us implement into our lives. You helped us not be scared of our money anymore and take control of our finances. You’ve allowed us to openly talk about our financial plans and we comment every time we do our Money Sunday how easy and uncomplicated our lives have become because of this.

With this plan in place we have been able to make great leaps for our future.  We have highly recommended Karen to anyone that is feeling lost, overwhelmed or just plain unsure about their money situation!

Pam Wood and Al Goodyear
Arbonne Consultants
St. John’s, NL

A Major Turning Point for Us

I cannot say enough about how respectful, knowledgeable and understanding Karen Collacutt has been.  She provided us with not only the tools to track our money but also an invaluable education.  Without her, I’m not sure we would have made it.

My husband and I have always struggled with our money.  We are educated, responsible adults and we’ve always made good money but have been very impulsive and frankly immature with our purchasing decisions.  We were always on a tight rope in terms of managing our money, one small thing could tip the scale and we could be ruined.  In October of 2011, the scale was tipped.

We both felt more than a little foolish when our mess was laid out in front of us but Karen treated us with dignity and respect.  She has been extremely effective in helping develop a plan we could live with.    Karen was our greatest supporter during a time of major crisis.

I would recommend and encourage anyone having financial issues or, even just trying to figure out how to fund the life you live, to engage Karen Collacutt.  Not only will you not regret it, but you’ll be richer for it.

John and Brenda
November 2012

Increased Confidence and Enjoyment

Karen really helped us work through the emotions and guilt regarding our poor financial track record to date. She helped us talk through what’s important to us as individuals and as a couple and recognize our ability to change habits and preconceptions.

– Eric, January 2012

From Mind Fog to Money Wisdom

SuzannehemmettFor many years through my marriage, I was the proverbial ostrich with my head stuck in the sand.  When my marriage ended it became emotionally and physically painful to address the state of my financial affairs.  With your patience, competence and gentle guidance, however, I have transformed into someone who not only has a handle on her financial affairs but actually enjoys keeping track of them!

Thank you for clearing my mind fog.  Thank you for serving me tea when I was literally nauseous at the prospect of scrutinizing my spending.  And thank you for providing me with the tools and action plan that empower me to manage my money wisely from here on in.

Susanne Hemet
Success Coach

No Longer in the Dark

Before I started working with Karen, I felt disorganized and overwhelmed. Going through all my financial records and expenses made me aware of the scope of my financial situation. I was no longer in the dark. This gave me more power to control my finances instead of feeling that my finances were controlling me. Having someone genuinely listen to my concerns and support me was probably just as important as the actual practical information I received.
Karen’s enthusiastic support, guidance and professionalism were above and beyond what I expected and I have no hesitation contacting her for future money coaching or recommending her to anyone else. Highly recommended!

– Bea Tomnuk, Calgary/Vancouver November 2010

We Cleaned Up the Clutter

When we first began working with Karen we were looking for a third-party set of eyes and ears to assess our situation, suggest ways to better organize our finances and help us make a plan to accommodate our inconsistent self-employed incomes.

After consulting with Karen, we realized that our situation wasn’t nearly as bad as we had feared and we especially appreciated her relaxed style, her encouraging pep-talks and our plan of attack in point form. Karen is particularly good at listening, assessing, calming and suggesting solutions.
And now our lives are no longer centered on worrying about our money.  We have easy systems set up so that we have our spending money separate from our auto-withdrawal payments and we now allot money into savings accounts to reach our personal goals.

We got clear on organization of our money.  We cleaned up the clutter.  Thanks Karen!

Keli-Ann Pye-Beshara & Brent Beshara

Out From Under the Consumer Debt

I am not an unorganized [or] irresponsible person.  I have always been aware of the realities of over-spending and living off of too much credit, but as I made the transition from being a student to having a career I found the balance in my personal financing tipping and I was burdened by growing consumer debt.

Frustrated that by the growing balance of my credit card I read an article in the Globe and Mail about Money Coaches and decided it was worth exploring. After my 2nd meeting I already felt more in control; with Karen’s guidance and encouragement I was able to develop a healthy spending and savings plan that helps me limit my daily spending, prepare for the unexpected and plan for the future.

– M Kralt, Yellowknife NT June 2011
Great investment

Absolutely was a Great Investment – Both of Fees and of Time/Energy.

We’re much happier about our financial situation, have confidence in buying things and planning purchases. I’d have to say we’ve saved about $10,000 already in impulse purchasing alone – but that’s nothing compared to the increased comfort, confidence and enjoyment of life resulting from our small investment in fees.

– Eric, January 2012

Takes Control of Her Money

Gay AinsworthI now control my money…it does not control me. Rather than being a victim of my circumstances, I now take action to proactively plan my budget around upcoming expenses and the impact of that is amazing. No more high credit card balance and no more dipping into my line of credit….yippee

– Gay Ainsworth, Barrie, Ontario, Administrative Assistant, January 2012

Thank You!

Brad and I want to express how grateful we are for your guidance and direction with our finances.  We truly believe that the money we invested in your coaching has been one of the best investments we have made to secure our financial future.  For the first time in our 20 year marriage we feel we have enough financial acumen to challenge and ask questions of financial professionals – We will no longer just acquiesce to the advice of the financial world.

You truly have the ability to bring clarity to financial issues such as investing, budgeting, interest rates, choosing a mortgage and planning for the future.

Thank you!

-Sandra & Brad, ON, 2013

A Great Decision

BrittanyHiring Karen was a great decision! She was knowledgeable, trustworthy and she spent considerable time tailoring information for our particular situation.

I’d recommend her to anyone looking for help feeling more confident about their finances.

Brittany Siry, Registered Dental Hygenist

“You’re Already Successful, You Just Need to Let Your Money Catch Up With You”

As a result of working together, I’m slowly creating new neural pathways around better spending habits! I am using my electronic envelopes and instead of paying my bills the day after I’m paid, I use the sub envelopes and wait a week (so I have the feeling that I “have” money, and that I have “choices” around how to spend it). Much more satisfying feeling.

The biggest change I’ve noticed is becoming aware of my impulsivity with money. I feel calmer and more comfortable when planning my expenses now. Our time together really laid the foundation for a healthier relationship with the green stuff. The dark cloud has lifted!

All that to say thanks again. I hope you are well and are enjoying life in wonderful ways. I certainly am these days.

Take care,

Sherri in Ottawa

I Have Let Go Of Limiting Beliefs

I sought out Karen’s help because she had exactly the right skill set and energy to solve my problem: My money situation was causing me significant stress.

Lisa PayneAfter years of knowing exactly what I was making and where my money was going, the reality of my new life as an entrepreneur had dramatically changed my relationship to money. Despite having two business degrees, a background in financial services, and a business as a coach myself, I couldn’t get past my own “head trash” about money and the stress was taking its toll. Every time I looked at a spreadsheet or my bank statement, my blood pressure when up and my muscles tightened. I was making myself sick.

Karen helped me understand why I was feeling the way I was, and in her direct and caring manner, she made several suggestions of systems and strategies in place to make money management enjoyable, not stressful.

Since working with Karen, I have let go of limiting beliefs and the floodgates of abundance have opened. I am very pleased that my money mindset has changed and that I have a solid plan to reach all my goals in the short- and long-term. I encourage anyone who struggles with financial stress to connect with Karen. You’ll be glad you did!

~Lisa L. Payne, Mount Pearl, NL, Canada

Took Control and Got Debt Free

EugeneIt’s been about one year since our last session and the Cash Flow system has been very helpful in dealing with my line of credit. It really has allowed me to move forward. It has allowed me to control what and where I spend my money, which is a powerful feeling.

Karen, I can’t thank you enough in helping me to get a grasp on the tools you’ve offered for people like myself.

Many thanks again!

Eugene L., Montreal, QC

Peace of Mind When it Comes to Our Finances

Matthew and DanaWorking with Karen has been one of the best decisions we have ever made. Knowledgeable, candid and compassionate, she helped us reduce and manage our debt, establish a realistic budget, solve our cash-flow problems and plan for future expenses (yes, even vacations!).

Thanks to Karen, we changed our way of thinking around money, got rid of the stress and now have peace of mind when it comes to our finances.

~ Matthew Stewart and Dana Yates

With Kindness and Caring Karen Made Me Feel Like I am Totally Okay!

I had the wonderful experience of meeting Karen at a promotional talk she gave to the realtors in my office.  I was WOWED by Karen from the moment I saw her and listened to what she had to say about how to manage cash flow in a totally commissioned sales business.  I was also very impressed by Karen personally – she exuded knowledge, confidence and professionalism!

DorothyAfter that session I thought, “finally someone who understands how difficult it is to manage finances when real estate sales are so up and down!  Karen promised that if we followed her guidelines, there was hope in managing the highs and lows of commissioned real estate sales.  I was hooked!

Karen and I started working together in April 2013.  With her thorough and methodical questions and her keen intuition, she very quickly zeroed in on my issues –  my guilt around money, my limiting beliefs and my “bury my head in the sand approach to all things “money”.  With kindness and caring has made me feel like I am totally okay!  More than okay; I now have a plan, a goal and direction.  It took a little time for the concepts she introduced to sink into my non-mathematical brain but now they seem quite simple and very effective.  With each session, I feel more and more in control and confident that I am making the right decisions based on my goals – not just shooting in the dark.  I feel in control of my finances for once in my life!

I plan on continuing to work with Karen on my future retirement goals so I am not so afraid of what lies ahead financially.  I now find it fun and exciting to see where I’m going. With an educated approach, I am looking forward to the coming years instead of living in fear of where my next paycheck is coming from and wondering how I am going to make ends meet!

Thank you, Karen.  You are my guiding light and I am so very pleased we met!

Dorothy Slocum

I Feel I Have Won the Lottery

Karen Collacutt fills a niche! Instead of being yet another representative of the financial world of “shoulds”, she guides through the “how”.

ColleenBefore I worked with Karen, I was feeling overwhelmed, confused and unclear as to how to proceed and solve … I’d never been shown how to take my own financial reins. Accordingly, I had lived in fear; a mindset of lack created that reality. I had no idea how to resolve my situation, and seemed to be digging a deeper and deeper hole for myself.

Karen, without judgment, guided me efficiently and compassionately, reviewing all in great detail (and we all know numbers don’t lie!), quickly arriving at solutions through to a concrete, forward-moving plan.

I must confess to tears at the sheer relief felt at the end of our first session. Clarity and knowledge are both a ‘must’, and Karen provides this and more. I would highly, highly recommend – and have already done so – her services to many. I feel I have won the lottery!

Colleen – Toronto