Did you love the ideas from my blog post Ten Cheap and Cheerful Summer Fun Ideas?  Here are ten more ways to enjoy the summer without breaking the bank.

1.     Have a Bonfire

Hotdogs and marshmallows and laughter.  Tell stories and sing old camp songs for an evening full of fun.  Go fancy with these recipes.

Family Fun in Barrie Ontario2.     Take photos

Go on a local adventure and capture it with your digital camera.  How many great pictures can you take?  Try cool close-ups and interesting angles.  How can you see your neighbourhood differently?  Try the Camera360 app  to turn your photos into paintings or cartoons.

3.     Help the kids run a lemonade stand

How much fun is that?  Chat with the neighbours and have a blast with the kids.

4.     Go camping –in the back yard

Camping site fees and equipment can add up.  If you have the gear and you love it – go for it.  If that isn’t for you, borrow a tent and help the kids set it up in the back yard for a camp out.  Or, send the kids to granny’s and camp out with your honey for a fun and romantic getaway.

5.     Play a team sport

When spread out over the practices and games, the fee for a team sport is a good investment for the fun and fitness you gain.  Having the team count on you makes sure you get out there each week.

6.     Go to the Drive-in

Great family fun, especially when the double-feature provides a kids movie, and then a grown-up movie.  Let the kids fall asleep in the back seats while you and your honey enjoy an evening out sans babysitter costs.

7.     Have a yard sale

Not only do you get to declutter your home, this is a great opportunity to connect with your community.  Get a few of the neighbours to join in for a big show and attract more customers.

8.     Be a movie director

Use the video on your phone and the built-in software on your computer to create fun movies.  Share with your friends or the grandparents on social media.


9.     Go for a hike

Find a local hiking area, provincial park or access to the Bruce Trail for a great day in the woods.  Bring your water bottle and a snack or a backpack with a picnic.

10. Read a great book

Go to the library or borrow an e-book for a relaxing afternoon or reading.  Choose something you might not normally read, or dive back into an old favorite.

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