Happy FamilyWhat does your version of a prosperous life look like?

Our money culture tells us financial freedom is defined by owning a yacht, buying our parents a beautiful house giving our kids absolutely everything and never working again. We have a pervading cultural myth that “everyone” wants to be that kind of rich, and so we buy into the story and we feel that we should also want that.

And then I speak to individuals, real people – North Americans in the middle class who are building their lives and the reality, that isn’t really want they want. Most really just want a nice life without financial stress.

So, what if we created a new definition for Financial Freedom? Instead of this fancy life that seems like a tv commercial it is something else – something more like what you really want.

Perhaps it means not being beholden to others. Having money to give your kids everything they need and some of what they want. Owning your home, being debt free, having money to do the things you want to do. What would your money life look like if you shifted your focus to what you really want?

Freedom does not come automatically; it is achieved. And it is not gained in a single bound; it must be achieved each day.

~Rollo May, Man’s Search for Himself

In this society of instant gratification, we forget that success takes time, work and effort. You can choose daily to move towards your version of Financial Freedom. Start by asking three great questions.

What do you want?
We spend all sorts of money on things we don’t even care about because we don’t have a compelling reason not to. Be clear on what you want and match your money to those goals.

What are you telling yourself?
What you tell yourself about your money decisions will have a big impact on your results. If you don’t like your results, consider changing what you tell yourself.

What are you willing to do differently?
Einstein said that the definition of insanity is to do the same thing over and over expecting a different result. Consider what you will change to get the results you want.

Commitment requires an investment of time, money and energy towards your goal. Consider your own personal definition of financial freedom and your answers to these questions to create your own freedom daily.

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Personal finance expert, Karen Collacutt is founder and CEO of Make Friends with Your Money.  Karen works with ambitious people who are making good money but are wondering where it all went at the end of the month. She helps her clients to get clear on their money life challenges and opportunities, matching their money to their goals.  They build a plan, confidence and peace of mind around their money. Certified Money Coach and Certified Financial Planner, Karen brings over 15 years of finance and business experience to her clients. Coach, speaker, author and change catalyst for those ready to create a positive and empowered money life, Karen delivers a fresh perspective on how to make friends with your money.  www.karencollacutt.com.

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